How Reviewers Shape Perception

Nerds are popular, at least in Hollywood. This paradox has grown in recent years as Marvel, DC, Warner Bros and other Studios continuously churn out comic book, superhero, and sci-fi films grossing large Box Office numbers. But not all of us grew up reading comic books; and despite what the internet declares, not every Marvel … Continue reading How Reviewers Shape Perception


Creating A New Normal / “13 Reasons Why”

High School Dramas represent a crucial part of a teenager’s life, but do they actually represent teenage life? Most TV Writers graduated High School 10+ years ago; they may have the advantage of time and space, but memory tends to create a rose-colored tint of nostalgia. “13 Reasons Why”, adapted from a novel by Jay … Continue reading Creating A New Normal / “13 Reasons Why”

(American) Hero Worship / “Patriots Day”

“Patriots Day” is at it’s best when it attempts to play against stereotypes; but the pull towards hero worship is too strong to resist. The film is partially dedicated to law enforcement, but it’s clear they are the main focus of this story. The Boston Marathon bombings are barely three-and-a-half years old, which means the … Continue reading (American) Hero Worship / “Patriots Day”

Echoes of the Past / “A Good Time Coming”

Historical Fiction can sometimes relegate women, non-white, and non-cis characters to minor (or stereotypical) roles because it’s ‘historically accurate’. “Good Time Coming”, by C.S. Harris, attempts to break that mold, but doesn’t have a strong enough plot to hold interest. During the majority of this novel I was waiting for events to happen. The narrator Amrie, … Continue reading Echoes of the Past / “A Good Time Coming”

Love and Feminism / “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

Can you have a feminist film that revolves around a woman picking between two men? Re-watching “Bridget Jones’s Diary” shows me that it's possible. If you haven’t yet seen this modern classic, it’s currently available on Netflix. Go home and treat yourself. I first saw “Bridget Jones's Diary” the year is was released – I … Continue reading Love and Feminism / “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

No Woman is an Island / “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

I’m almost hesitant to complain about Rogue One because the most recent Star Wars films both have female leads. But does that fact necessarily mean strong female characters? Jyn, our lead in Rogue One, is a reluctant heroine. She’s pulled into the Rebel Alliance unwillingly; her journey is Rebel-without-a-cause to Rebel-with-a-cause. She’s not defined by her gender, nor … Continue reading No Woman is an Island / “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Too Much Heart? / “Heartless”

This one’s tricky. “Heartless” is written by a woman, (Marissa Meyer), stars a female lead (from the wacky world of Lewis Carroll), and revolves around said female’s romantic drama. Boom, and already we’re back to a stereotype. Which just goes to show, just because the author is female, doesn’t necessarily mean the female characters will … Continue reading Too Much Heart? / “Heartless”

Who Runs the World? / “The Wangs vs The World”

You had me at the first chapter. Barely 10 pages into The Wangs vs. The World I realized that Jade Chang has something special to say. At 100 pages I realized she has a message. Slipped into this road-trip, family journey is a commentary on American business practices. The Wang family’s journey tackles the most … Continue reading Who Runs the World? / “The Wangs vs The World”

There Are Worse Things I Could Do / “Grease”

I love Grease.  Let me make sure you understand.  I.  Love.  Grease.  The play.  The movie.  The songs.  It's fun, it's tongue-in-cheek, and it's definitely a throwback. But something I've recently been rolling around in my mind: Why does Sandy end up changing, while Danny (ultimately) stays the same? Now, of course, Danny does his whole … Continue reading There Are Worse Things I Could Do / “Grease”