Echoes of the Past / “A Good Time Coming”

Historical Fiction can sometimes relegate women, non-white, and non-cis characters to minor (or stereotypical) roles because it’s ‘historically accurate’. “Good Time Coming”, by C.S. Harris, attempts to break that mold, but doesn’t have a strong enough plot to hold interest. During the majority of this novel I was waiting for events to happen. The narrator Amrie, … Continue reading Echoes of the Past / “A Good Time Coming”


Too Much Heart? / “Heartless”

This one’s tricky. “Heartless” is written by a woman, (Marissa Meyer), stars a female lead (from the wacky world of Lewis Carroll), and revolves around said female’s romantic drama. Boom, and already we’re back to a stereotype. Which just goes to show, just because the author is female, doesn’t necessarily mean the female characters will … Continue reading Too Much Heart? / “Heartless”

Who Runs the World? / “The Wangs vs The World”

You had me at the first chapter. Barely 10 pages into The Wangs vs. The World I realized that Jade Chang has something special to say. At 100 pages I realized she has a message. Slipped into this road-trip, family journey is a commentary on American business practices. The Wang family’s journey tackles the most … Continue reading Who Runs the World? / “The Wangs vs The World”