Creating A New Normal / “13 Reasons Why”

High School Dramas represent a crucial part of a teenager’s life, but do they actually represent teenage life? Most TV Writers graduated High School 10+ years ago; they may have the advantage of time and space, but memory tends to create a rose-colored tint of nostalgia. “13 Reasons Why”, adapted from a novel by Jay … Continue reading Creating A New Normal / “13 Reasons Why”


Love and Feminism / “Bridget Jones’s Diary”

Can you have a feminist film that revolves around a woman picking between two men? Re-watching “Bridget Jones’s Diary” shows me that it's possible. If you haven’t yet seen this modern classic, it’s currently available on Netflix. Go home and treat yourself. I first saw “Bridget Jones's Diary” the year is was released – I … Continue reading Love and Feminism / “Bridget Jones’s Diary”