Creating A New Normal / “13 Reasons Why”

High School Dramas represent a crucial part of a teenager’s life, but do they actually represent teenage life? Most TV Writers graduated High School 10+ years ago; they may have the advantage of time and space, but memory tends to create a rose-colored tint of nostalgia. “13 Reasons Why”, adapted from a novel by Jay … Continue reading Creating A New Normal / “13 Reasons Why”


(American) Hero Worship / “Patriots Day”

“Patriots Day” is at it’s best when it attempts to play against stereotypes; but the pull towards hero worship is too strong to resist. The film is partially dedicated to law enforcement, but it’s clear they are the main focus of this story. The Boston Marathon bombings are barely three-and-a-half years old, which means the … Continue reading (American) Hero Worship / “Patriots Day”

Women in 3D / “The Girl on the Train”

This must be what’s it like to be a man; when entering a movie theater you see, on screen, a varied representation of multi-dimensional characters who encounter problems and road-blocks along their journey. At no point during The Girl on the Train did I roll my eyes at a stereotypical female trope.  Rather, the opposite happened; the … Continue reading Women in 3D / “The Girl on the Train”