Original or Passé? / “Split”

James McAvoy is surrounded by women, even from within; yet “Split” fails to break away from horror movie tropes. Perhaps “Split” has been overly praised due to the low bar writer/director M. Night Shyamalan has set with his most recent forays into film. How would this movie fare if released 15 years ago, when “The … Continue reading Original or Passé? / “Split”


There Are Worse Things I Could Do / “Grease”

I love Grease.  Let me make sure you understand.  I.  Love.  Grease.  The play.  The movie.  The songs.  It's fun, it's tongue-in-cheek, and it's definitely a throwback. But something I've recently been rolling around in my mind: Why does Sandy end up changing, while Danny (ultimately) stays the same? Now, of course, Danny does his whole … Continue reading There Are Worse Things I Could Do / “Grease”