Original or Passé? / “Split”

James McAvoy is surrounded by women, even from within; yet “Split” fails to break away from horror movie tropes. Perhaps “Split” has been overly praised due to the low bar writer/director M. Night Shyamalan has set with his most recent forays into film. How would this movie fare if released 15 years ago, when “The … Continue reading Original or Passé? / “Split”


Women in 3D / “The Girl on the Train”

This must be what’s it like to be a man; when entering a movie theater you see, on screen, a varied representation of multi-dimensional characters who encounter problems and road-blocks along their journey. At no point during The Girl on the Train did I roll my eyes at a stereotypical female trope.  Rather, the opposite happened; the … Continue reading Women in 3D / “The Girl on the Train”